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Bilingual Educational Videos

Co-produced by Puentes Culturales and the University of Colorado at Boulder, these videos address critical issues of second-language acquisition, cultural competence, cultural mediation, and preservation of home language and culture.

“Full Circle: Language and Literacy at Home and at School”

Research shows that children learn to talk, read, and write through social interactions at home and at school, in everyday routines and activities.  Full  Circle: Language and Literacy at Home and at School illustrates how all children, regardless of special needs, linguistic or cultural background, develop language and build literacy skills through interactions with teacher, parents, and providers.   We are introduced to four families, each of whom draws from the strength of its heritage and addresses the needs and challenges of its children. School environments, ranging from a high school-based teen parent toddler program to private preschools to community-based centers for children with special needs, reflect the myriad ways that parents and schools can form partnerships that allow children to explore and learn. Co-produced by the Early Learning Opportunities Act, the University of Colorado, the City of Boulder’s Division of Children, Youth, and Families and Puentes Culturales. To order a copy of “Full Circle,” click here

 “A Story About El Grupo de Familias”

Come join the early childhood literacy group, “El Grupo de Familias” through ten sessions of discovering interactive reading and play and forming friendships. Families receive vital information about preserving home language and culture, navigating the school system, advocating for kids with special needs, and accessing resources in the community. Designed for parents and educators alike, this DVD contains a series of short modules that focus on specific steps in the process of building trust, teaching literacy skills, and empowering parents to support their kids’ learning. This bilingual English/Spanish DVD contains downloadable companion materials that give you everything you need to start your own “grupo de familias”! To order “A Story About El Grupo de Familias,” click here

“Beyond Words: Effective Use of Translators, Interpreters, and Cultural Mediators” 

This video addresses the need to have well-trained interpreters, translators, and cultural mediators using a team approach. It examines recent trends in school demographics and offers specific training on how to resolve cultural misunderstandings between schools and and families, how to develop trust and empathy between families and professionals, how to employ the best strategies for translation and interpretation in school settings.  Bilingual Spanish/English DVD includes downloadable companion booklet and handouts. To order “Beyond Words,” click here

“Language and Culture: Respecting Family Choices”

How do bilingual/bicultural families make choices about what languages their children speak at home and at school?  How can educators and providers support and inform this decision-making process? Should these choices be different for a child with an identified special need? What are the long-term cultural consequences of preserving the languages of one’s heritage, or of losing them? This video addresses these issues through interviews with a wide variety of people, from recent immigrants to the great-grandchildren of Native Americans. Co-Produced by Project ACT at the University of Colorado, Boulder. To order “Language and Culture” in English or Spanish, click here

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