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Puentes Culturales employs bicultural interpreters and translators to provide the most effective means of communication. Effective language translation and interpretation is not just a matter of language knowledge. Effectiveness derives from the understanding of the cultural nuances that determine the best way to communicate with people from different cultures.

Our translation services fees vary depending on the nature, scope and format of the documents, the software used to create the documents, and the methods of information exchange. Translating a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document provided to Puentes in electronic format via e-mail is the most efficient method. Documents provided as hard copies via regular mail or fax are more time consuming.

We have the expertise to translate technical education-related legal documents, school district newsletters. These can be short articles, flyers, brochures or books.

Documents with lots of charts and tables are more time consuming to translate than plain text documents. The same can be said about documents with many illustrations, pictures or drawings with captions.

Our translations mainly focus strictly on the content of the document, leaving the formatting for printing to the customer. We can also format the document to fit the original design, understanding that the translated document will differ in length after translation.

Links to examples of our translations:

Special Edition in Spanish.pdf PPP Spanish Brochure.pdf

Translation services - We Specialize

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